I usually put together 4tangos4, 3waltzes3, 3milongas3 with a short Cortina in the middle and an intermezzo at the end.
The time of the short Cortina depends on the size of the ballroom;
in Buenos Aires they last one minute to allow everybody to sit down.
I am used to playing music with the same orchestra.
I can play tango viejo, salon, nuevo.
I adapt myself to the event manager’s dance style requirements.




My daddy, a socialist turner, had worked for the national railways from 1944 till his retirement day. “House property is a right for working people” and so we had been tenants all those years.
Maintaining two children by one salary was hard, so my mommy used to mend nylon stockings for 5 lire a mending to supplement my daddy’s salary. 
While Annunciata was mending nylon stockings by straining her eyes the radio was on all the time, the music blew all over the house and she sang.
My father could dance only the navy march, but my mother was a skilled dancer – a real and genuine one.
Then, when the big family gathered and had lunch together everybody – from the granddad to the youngest little grandchild – ended up singing.
Everyone was filled up with “polenta and little birds” (a typical Brescia and Bergamo dish), Aunt Mina – who was a member of the chorus of the Teatro Grande in Brescia – began to sing some opera pieces and “Ciribiribin” at the finale with my mom and the other sister; by helping each other the tonality got higher and higher up to my mother’s finale, glass breaking high note.
At the age of 17 I bought a guitar and then a “Violin Bass”- Paul Mc Cartney type – with the money I had earned in the summer by delivering water, lemonade and aromatic fizzy soft drink cases. Our bedroom was full of friends hanging on the amplifier all the time and in May evenings we were in competition with church bells to draw girls’ attention.  
The schoolmates of  the high school “Marino Ballini” contacted me to join the little band “Ante Diem” made up of two guitars (solo and accompaniment ones), organ, drums, bass (me), vocalists. Our fortes were tracks by New Trolls, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and other bands of that period.
We were offered to spend a summer season on the Romagna Riviera whipping up ballroom dance but we answered “no” according to our obstinate ethics.
Result: we stayed in Brescia and played for ourselves, did nothing and concluded our experience almost deaf after three years.  
Music has always played a leading role in my life and I have always enjoyed it. Hello to everybody, 
hasta luego.

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