Le sensazioni dopo una crociera fantastica sul mar Baltico

Ciaoooooooo…..  Hello cruise dancers.
I send you this personal greeting to thank you for your fantastic company.  It is not easy to spend a long time together and remain so happy and with a great desire to have fun.  The positive energy that was in the Milongas was intense.  We also danced three times a day, thanks to the organization of Diana and Donetta who worked well with the ship’s managers.


As a DJ I found the staff a bit skeptical at first but then, when they saw the importance of our group and with Diana’s requests, they became very available and made it easier for me and Andrea Gasperini.


Together, Andrea and I; managed to make you spend unforgettable moments dancing and our heart was filled with happiness for this. I hope to see you again on the next cruises to get back these sensations.


Be our partner in crime and encourage your friends to participate in future editions.  We will become so important that they will be forced to build a ship with Argentine Tango rooms!


These thanks are the minimum I owe you.  A big hug to everyone!!
Francesco “El Actor” Tagliabue


And now you can look this fotos and video:


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